My Blog Diary!!!

09/10,21:02. hiya! this is my first blog post. ive never kept a blog or diary which is funny since ive had tumblr for years. this may not be updated daily but i guess we'll see! today was a pretty good day, ive not done much just edited this site and posted on tumblr. its my mum's birthday tomorrow, which is cool! i love her so much. bye xp

10/10,14:59. are you todays date cause youre a 10/10 wink wonk
ive had a fairly rotten day cause i broke a FUCKING chair at school and cut my leg. not kewl. but yknow, everyones lifes got static. were having tomato soop for dinner which i love so am pretty happy. anyway back to editing here.
feeling cute might write a fanfic xp

11/10,18:25. ello ello ello. this was avery boring day. turns out i suck at using logic to make music, and i think i just downloaded a spyware music editor. OH WELL
anyway. i have the urge to Make but idk what. eh itll come to me im sure. i think i might be a system which is. scary. but whatev bye xp